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and Your Feisty

Find Your Freedom

Live a New Story...

Suzanne Dudley Schon

Life and Leadership Coach

Is your self-talk destructive rather than constructive?

     Do you struggle with boundaries, balance, and managing your time?

        Have habits that don’t support the life you want to live or who you want to be?

           Do you have an enviable life from the outside, but suffer silently on the inside? 

               At a crossroads and lost as to what to do?

If you are here, you are probably a perfectionist, empathetic, high achieving, and creative. And, you’ve probably had your share of overwhelm, stress, and doing it all… 


Chances are you’re exhausted, have given too much in relationships, and rank low on your own list of importance.  Add a never-off the clock nagging inner critic, and voila, you have a challenging, not so fun life that looks good on the outside, and no one but you knows the reality behind the façade. 


How do I know?  I’ve been there.

My own life hit the breaking point when everything appeared A-OK from an outsider’s perspective, but I was living inside a very unhealthy marriage, running myself ragged trying to overcompensate for the impact on the kids, and neglecting my own career and self-care.  And dreams?  Those belonged to other people; people who I believed deserved them more than I did.


My breaking point was a gift in disguise.  The inability to endure caused me to finally reach out and grab a lifeline.  Read more about my story here.


Because of my own transformation through coaching, I’ve dedicated my life to empowerment work for others.


Today, I help clients recognize and hear their deepest truths, clarify goals, and live from those values to create abundance, joy, and success in their personal and professional lives. 


Together as a team, we develop a foundation of healthy habits—mental, physical, and emotional—that will support them along the journey.  Clients shed that which is no longer working – draining relationships, toxic careers, poor self-care habits, destructive self-talk – and instead create a life of self-love and care with power and thoughtful choice.


This work is about creating a great quality of life—external and internal. Living with freedom, peace, and plenty of fun… because I am committed to truth, freedom, and being a little bit feisty!!


I’m here to help and support you to:  

See It
Think It
Do It ...  Differently!
“Out of the Box: A Journey In and Out of Emotional Captivity”
Out of the Box by Christina Dudley
Out of the Box book description






 “Suzanne’s simple techniques to help me thought patterns in my emotions or physical body were amazingly effective tools for me to remember my goals and bring about new habits and powerful shifts.”

“I feel more confident returning to work, my relationship with my family is more joyful, years-old hurts with extended family were healed, and more possibilities are available for me creatively!”


“When I first started with Suzanne, I struggled with making my dreams a reality. I am now living my dream of being a professional Fine Artist, and just had my very best year ever!”




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