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Clients Say...

I worked with Suzanne on a year-long effort to gain clarity on my key professional challenges and goals.  She brought a unique blend of focused inquiry and mind-body awareness to our coaching sessions that I found tremendously useful.  Her simple techniques to help me identify inspirational or discouraging thought patterns in my emotions or physical body were amazingly effective tools for me to remember my goals and bring about new habits.  


I would recommend Suzanne to anyone looking for a gentle and effective coach to make monumental or even small but powerful shifts in your life.

Stephanie Daniels

Sustainable Food Lab

I had created a pretty successful life with Suzanne’s coaching on and off for years - navigating my busy career, creative desires, self-care,  and family life with a husband and two sons in NYC.


Yet recently, my life shifted dramatically. I landed in the pit of despair with triggers activating memories that I thought were healed years earlier.  


I was headed toward fear-based decisions.  I was thinking about not returning to a lucrative job, turning down creative offers and was not interacting in a healthy way with my family.


Over several months, Suzanne coached me. She never rushed my process, offering a variety of strategies, perspectives and reframing narratives.  She kept me on track toward my goals for a better future. Her guidance has been invaluable.


I feel more confident returning to work, my relationship with my family is more joyful, years-old hurts with extended family were examined and healed. I feel that more possibilities are available for me creatively as she helped me replace fear with love and openness.


Suzanne is a brilliant coach drawing from a wealth of training, experience and instinct. I can’t recommend her enough.

Kathe Mull


I have been working with Suzanne for five or six years now. When I first came to Suzanne, I struggled with making my dreams and creative ideas a reality. They always seemed to get buried under other responsibilities and activities, and I felt a nagging dissatisfaction with life.


Suzanne helped me form a manageable plan of forward action toward my most authentic goals. And guess what -- I have more power over the trajectory of my life and I thought! I have also grown in understanding of my contributions to the problems I was experiencing, and in helping me realize how my choices contribute to my happiness.


Suzanne helps me by deep and intuitive listening, and by asking discerning, clarifying questions that help me come up with solutions and ways to move forward toward my goals. I am someone who balks at being “told what to do”, and at all times I have felt in charge of the process.


I am now living my dream of being a professional Fine Artist, and just had my very best year ever!  I look forward to continue working with Suzanne as long as I can!

-Carol V.

Suzanne is a gem.  Her own personal life experience has involved so much triumphing over challenge that you know she knows what she’s talking about!  And then, in addition, she has so much really comprehensive training in a variety of personal growth modalities… you get the whole package with Suzanne.


But more than these “credentials,” Suzanne is one of the most loving people I’ve ever met on the planet.  She meets my challenges with such compassion and wisdom, showing me ways of looking at my circumstances that completely shift my paradigm and provide me a whole new outlook – one upon which I am now eager and excited to take action that had previously alluded me!


I’ll say this… if you are even curious what your life could look like free of fear and self-doubt – and living your highest potential – get on an exploratory call with Suzanne.  You owe it to yourself, and you’re worth it!

-Barb Wade

Fort Collins, CO

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