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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a process by which you examine your values, dreams, and priorities in order to make powerful, authentic decisions about what you want most, and you are supported in clearing away the obstacles to achieving it.


The goal of coaching is deep fulfillment, meaning, and purpose.


ICF (International Coach Federation) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential… which while a more “dry” definition, is arguably important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.

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You may have arrived at coaching thinking something was wrong with you or that you were broken in some inherent way.  In coaching, we believe that you have inborn capacity for healing and flourishing… for living vibrantly.


You just might need a little help to get there!

How Does It Work?

As client and coach we start work by clarifying and defining your goals--goals that align with your core values and sense of purpose.  These conversations will require us to explore, and possibly help you re-discover, your true self that can often have lived imprisoned behind bars of “shoulds” and people-pleasing behavior.  We want to find out what really matters to you now, in this very moment--and why!


Once we understand your goals clearly, we can work to create a strategic plan for achieving these deepest desires.  We ensure that you develop the skills, tools, and support you need along the way to take courageous action and make tangible change.


Often in this process, stumbling blocks come up – that’s part of being human. Yet we navigate those together and keep you from remaining stuck. As your coach, I am committed to your success and promise to hold a candle when you may have lost sight of the light.  Most often, coaching is an enthralling, creative, and freeing adventure.


Because I have training in psychology, coaching, acting, writing, and the healing arts, my unique approach is to use a combination of modalities, tailored to fit with you and the achievement of your desired outcome.  And it’s critical that we address both internal and external change!  For example, I help you dismantle internal obstacles such as limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts, AND help you make and take action steps, consistent with your integrity and intentions.    


This potent combination is required to make any kind of sustainable, lasting positive change.


Together we can access your resilience, resourcefulness, and creativity so that you can tap into your dreams, your wisdom, and enjoy your extraordinary life!


Oh, and we will share plenty of laughs along the way.  In my experience, laughter is very good medicine. ☺

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